Yet more reluctant oratory

The Occasional Orator Part 3 – another exciting episode in my series of ESET articles for people who haven’t been able to avoid making presentations.

And no, the horrible blurry photograph was not my choice…

David Harley

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More thoughts of a reluctant presenter.

The second in a series for ESET about how to look like a better speaker than you think you are. Or at any rate than I am.

The Occasional Orator Part 2 – “Public speaking and presenting at conferences can be daunting for the majority of people but by including some subtle tricks, the speaker can deliver a stronger message.”

Well, let’s hope so…

David Harley

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Thoughts of a reluctant presenter…

The first in a series of blog articles for ESET on public speaking for people (especially security people) who aren’t primarily public speakers: The Occasional Orator Part 1

ESET’s summary: “Speaking at conferences can be daunting for presenters but often it is about striking the right balance between content and delivery.”

I’m not the world’s best presenter, but there are techniques by which people with the charisma of a wet sock, like me, can at least stop the audience walking out en masse.

David Harley

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Virus Bulletin conference paper 2017

Sadly, this is probably the last paper I’ll write for a Virus Bulletin conference. 16 VB papers is probably enough for one career, and at my age travel is more difficult than it was in the 1990s. 🙂

The abstract is here: ‘The (testing) world upside down

And the paper itself is here: David Harley, The (Testing) World Turned Upside Down, October 2017, Virus Bulletin. Copyright is held by Virus Bulletin Ltd, but is made available on this site for personal use free of charge by permission of Virus Bulletin.

HT to Bruce Burrell and Nick FitzGerald for wordsmithing and sanity-checking.

David Harley

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Virus Bulletin paper #16

Well, it won’t be out till October 2017, but there’s some news about my latest (and probably last) VB paper on the ESET WeLiveSecurity blog site, and some of the other stuff that will be happening at my favourite security conference:

Virus Bulletin 2017: Small Talks announced

David Harley

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Auld Lang Syne – Ancient Techtarget Article

Someone on Twitter just flagged an article that I’d long ago forgotten.

“Future of cybersec from 2002: @dharleyatESET got a lot right #infosec #cybersecurity #CISO #NHS #Ransomware #Malware

Well, to save you following that Bitly URL, it actually links to this: Predicting the future of malware and tomorrow’s malicious code. Which was actually for a special issue of Information Security Magazine.

Back in the days when I sometimes let myself be decoyed into contributing to one of those end-of-the-year-pointless-security predictions posts, the idea often came up that we should look back in hunger and do a follow-up post on ‘How well did we do?’ Happily, no-one has asked me to get into all that for years: I suppose there must be some advantages to being a grumpy old man after all. Though I’m not sure whether it’s fear of my curmudgeonly ways or the assumption that I’m too old and daft to know or care what’s ahead.

Anyway, it’s a bit of a relief to know that I managed not to make a complete idiot of myself all that way back. But on the whole, I think I’ll continue to pay attention to Daniel Delbert McCracken’s advice and decline to make predictions that can be checked in my lifetime. (HT to Rob Slade for sharing that advice with me, years ago… And to Bruce of course, for reminding me of the article.)

My next article here will be about how ransomware will have evolved in 2070.

David Harley

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Child Safety on St Helena

It seems I’ve neglected this blog for quite a while: while I’ve touched up some of the pages where necessary, I haven’t added any articles. Well, talking of interviews (which I was about six months ago) here’s a transcript (for the ESET blog) of an interview from November 2016 with community radio on St Helena. Here’s a summary from the article.

I was invited to do an interview with Craig Williams – who has a company called Gigabyte IT – on Saint FM. That’s a community radio station on St. Helena, an island way down in the South Atlantic where Napoleon Bonaparte spent the last six years of his life, and which has only recently started to benefit from the mixed blessing of the mobile phone. He (Craig, not Napoleon) came across me via an article to which I contributed some internet safety tips for parents and children a while ago.

In the course of the interview I attempted to answer the following questions:

  1. What advice would you give to parents about their child being safe online?
  2. As a professional security expert, what advice would you give to children about having an online presence?
  3. For an island of around 4,000 people, and with mobile access only made available earlier this year, what would you say needs to be put in place for kids, to fight against cyberbullying and online grooming?

David Harley

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