ESET presentations

[Unfortunately, several of these links are now broken due to changes in ESET’s sites. Checking now, and will replace (if possible) ASAP.]

In general, these conference presentations aren’t kept on this site, but are links to other sites. I don’t make slide decks available that often, but there are quite some ESET presentations here, including some of mine, but not as many as there used to be on the earlier site.

My PC has 32,539 errors: how telephone support scams really work 
By David Harley, Steven Burn, Martijn Grooten, and Craig Johnston. This is the slide deck to go with the paper presented at Virus Bulletin 2012 looking at the ongoing evolution of the PC tech support scam. The slide deck link is to the copy on Virus Bulletin’s own site.

APT: Real Threat or Just Hype? [Outdated link: I may have the recording somewhere, but I should certainly have the slide deck: will take a look.]
By David Harley, November 2011. Recording of the keynote panel at the Infosecurity 2011 Fall Virtual Conference, at which I presented on “APTitude Adjustment” as well as participating in the subsequent discussion.

Daze of whine and neuroses (but testing is FINE)
By David Harley and Larry Bridwell, October 2011. Slides are now available from the Virus Bulletin 2011 presentations page as a PDF. This slide deck accompanies the Virus Bulletin paper that asks whether the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO) has outlived its usefulness, and what the future of detection testing might be.

Security Software and Rogue Economics: The Presentation [link broken]
By David Harley, May 2011. The presentation and speaker notes to accompany the paper presented at the EICAR 2011 conference. It contrasts existing malicious and legitimate technology and marketing, considering ways in which integration of security packages might mitigate the current wave of fake applications and services. The slides were only kept on the ESET Threat Center page: I’ll see if I can dig out a copy to post here.

Infrastructure Attacks: The Next Generation? [link broken]
By David Harley, April 2011. The slide deck for a presentation delivered at Infosecurity Europe 2011, examining the Stuxnet phenomenon and what it holds for the future. Includes speaker notes. Kept on the ESET Threat Center page.

Perception, Security and Worms in the Apple [link broken]
By David Harley, Pierre-Marc Bureau, Andrew Lee, May 2010. The slide deck that accompanies the paper on Mac security presented by the authors at EICAR in May 2010.

Real Performance? [link broken]
By Ján Vrabec and David Harley, May 2010. The slide deck that accompanies the paper on performance testing presented by the authors at EICAR in May 2010.

The Curious Art of Anti-Malware Testing [link broken]
By David Harley, December 2009. A presentation on some of the problems with anti-malware testing and summarizing the mission and principles of the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO). Presented to the Special Interest Group in Software Testing of the BCS Chartered Institute for IT (formerly the British Computer Society).

Malware, Marketing and Education: Soundbites or Sound Practice? [Link broken]
By David Harley and Randy Abrams, December 2009. This presentation accompanies the paper of the same name, which considers the practical, strategic and ethical issues that arise when the security industry augments its marketing role by taking civic responsibility for the education of the community as a whole. First presented at AVAR 2009 in Kyoto.

David Harley 
Small Blue-Green World
ESET Senior Research Fellow


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