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Computer Security Author/Editor; Independent Antimalware Researcher; CEO at Small Blue-Green World; Senior Research Fellow at ESET.

Child Safety on St Helena

It seems I’ve neglected this blog for quite a while: while I’ve touched up some of the pages where necessary, I haven’t added any articles. Well, talking of interviews (which I was about six months ago) here’s a transcript (for … Continue reading

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Interviewed by Online Education

An exhaustive interview conducted by Online Education’s Matt Ashare. A walk down memory lane… Continue reading

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AVAR 2014 paper

This is the paper by myself and Sebastian Bortnik, of ESET Latin America, presented at AVAR 2014 in Sydney: Lemming Aid and Kool Aid: Helping the Community to help itself through Education

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Virus Bulletin 2014 Conference Paper

So now that the 2014 Virus Bulletin conference is over, here’s the paper – my 15th VB paper! – written by Eugene Rodionov (ESET), Alexander Matrosov (Intel) and myself: Bootkits: past, present & future And here’s the abstract: Bootkit threats … Continue reading

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VB article: Don’t Forget To Write

[If you got here by way of the ESET We Live Security site, here’s a link to take you back to the white papers page.] This is my most recent article for Virus Bulletin: David Harley, Don’t Forget to Write, … Continue reading

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AVAR paper 2013

This is a paper written by Larry Bridwell and myself for the 16th AVAR conference in Chennai, which was kindly presented by ESET’s Chief Research Officer Juraj Malcho, as neither Larry nor myself were able to attend the conference in … Continue reading

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AVAR Conference Paper 2013

My last but one paper for AVAR was co-written with Larry Bridwell: as neither of us ws able to get to AVAR 2013 in Chennai, it was presented by ESET’s Juraj Malcho. It was called Death of a Salesforce: whatever happened to … Continue reading

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