Media: coverage & RFCs

[Update: 23rd July 2013]

And what you see now is a version of the ‘other ideas’ mentioned below: a list of major articles and papers, and pointers to my usual outlets. Still an “It’s all about me” site, I suppose…

[Update: 3rd October 2011]

As you can see, this hasn’t quite worked out as expected. It seemed more practical to include media coverage into the main blog, along with blogs and articles posted to other sites, so this page isn’t being updated at the moment. But I’ll probably be back to it later this year to try out some other ideas.

Posted 15th August 2011

Actually, this might turn out to be a bit more interesting than it sounds. It will include links to articles/whatever in which I’ve been quoted, but might also address a related issue.

I get requests for comment on various security-related issues on a daily basis. However, I’ve had to get used to those occasions when I spend quite a lot of time responding to such comments and little or none of it actually gets used. Sometimes I can use it elsewhere, but this seems to be a good place for stuff that doesn’t quite fit in anywhere else but is substantial enough to be worth publishing anyway. IMHO. Not sure exactly how I’ll handle this format-wise yet, though.


InfoSecurity Magazine July/August 2011: Rotting Apple, by Drew Amorosi. (Not yet online.)

24th August 2011:

Actually previously appeared in Infosecurity Magazine, but this version is readable without subscription.

18th August

5th August

3rd August:

26th July:


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