AVAR papers

AVAR conference papers 2003
[Sorry, can’t find the full paper, but there’s a link to the slidedeck!] Email virus detection and blocking is not by itself good incident management (catchy title, huh?) was written for and presented at the 2003 AVAR conference in Sydney.   Continue reading →

AVAR conference paper 2007
In 2007, Andrew Lee and I co-wrote and presented a paper at the AVAR conference in Seoul on Testing, Testing: Anti-Malware Evaluation for the Enterprise. It’s obtainable from the ESET WeLiveSecurity site hereContinue reading →

AVAR Conference Paper 2008
In 2008, Randy Abrams and I wrote a paper for the AVAR conference in Delhi on People Patching: Is User Education Any Use at All? The paper is available from the ESET WeLiveSecurity site hereContinue reading →

AVAR Conference Paper 2009 (1)
In 2009, I co-wrote two papers for the AVAR conference in Kyoto. The first was co-written with Craig Johnston: Please Police MeContinue reading →

AVAR Conference Paper 2009 (2)
My second paper for AVAR 2009 in Kyoto was co-written with Randy Abrams: Malware, Marketing and Education: Soundbites or Sound Practice?  Continue reading →

AVAR Conference Paper 2010
In 2010, I co-wrote and co-presented a paper at AVAR in Bali with Lysa Myers (now with ESET, but then with West Coast Labs) and Eddy Willems of G-Data and EICAR: Test Files and Product Evaluation: the Case for and against Malware Simulation  Continue reading

AVAR Conference Paper 2013
This paper was co-written by myself and Larry Bridwell, and presented at AVAR 2013 in Chennai, by ESET’s Juraj Malcho, as neither Larry nor I were able to attend the conference. Death of a Salesforce: whatever happened to anti-virus?   

AVAR 2014 paper
This is the paper by myself and Sebastian Bortnik, of ESET Latin America, presented at AVAR 2014 in Sydney: Lemming Aid and Kool Aid: Helping the Community to help itself through Education. Continue reading


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