AVAR papers

AVAR conference papers 2003
Email virus detection and blocking is not by itself good incident management (catchy title, huh?) was written for and presented at the 2003 AVAR conference in Sydney.   Continue reading →

AVAR conference paper 2007
In 2007, Andrew Lee and I co-wrote and presented a paper at the AVAR conference in Seoul on Testing, Testing: Anti-Malware Evaluation for the Enterprise. It’s obtainable from the ESET WeLiveSecurity site hereContinue reading →

AVAR Conference Paper 2008
In 2008, Randy Abrams and I wrote a paper for the AVAR conference in Delhi on People Patching: Is User Education Any Use at All? The paper is available from the ESET WeLiveSecurity site hereContinue reading →

AVAR Conference Paper 2009 (1)
In 2009, I co-wrote two papers for the AVAR conference in Kyoto. The first was co-written with Craig Johnston: Please Police MeContinue reading →

AVAR Conference Paper 2009 (2)
My second paper for AVAR 2009 in Kyoto was co-written with Randy Abrams: Malware, Marketing and Education: Soundbites or Sound Practice?  Continue reading →

AVAR Conference Paper 2010
In 2010, I co-wrote and co-presented a paper at AVAR in Bali with Lysa Myers (now with ESET, but then with West Coast Labs) and Eddy Willems of G-Data and EICAR: Test Files and Product Evaluation: the Case for and against Malware Simulation  Continue reading

AVAR Conference Paper 2013
This paper was co-written by myself and Larry Bridwell, and presented at AVAR 2013 in Chennai, by ESET’s Juraj Malcho, as neither Larry nor I were able to attend the conference. Death of a Salesforce: whatever happened to anti-virus?   

AVAR 2014 paper
This is the paper by myself and Sebastian Bortnik, of ESET Latin America, presented at AVAR 2014 in Sydney: Lemming Aid and Kool Aid: Helping the Community to help itself through Education. Continue reading

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