Security Books

This is a not-quite-complete list of security books I’ve co-authored. There probably won’t be another one, as I’m now retired from the security industry apart from some occasional writing/editing/translation/consultancy, but you never know. 🙂

  • In 2018-19 I contributed some content, editing and translation to tbe book Cyberdanger by Eddy Willems.  The book has now been published by Springer.
  • In 2015 I was approached by Mighty Guides about contributing a short article to the eBook Securing Your Network and Application Infrastructure. I haven’t actually read it yet, but it’s apparently now available on the Fortinet page here and on the Mighty Guides site here. It’s split into several sections, and mine is a very short article. 🙂 Addendum: various parts of the publication are now available on Slideshare. The section to which I contributed is here or here, but I expect you’ll want to read the whole thing. 😉
  • Bidgoli, Hossein, et al (2008). The Handbook of Computer Networks. Wiley. ISBN 978-0-471-78460-9.  Volume 3, “E-Mail Threats and Vulnerabilities.” Basically an update to the chapter in the Handbook of Information Security (details below). These are not books for the fainthearted and empty-pocketed.
  • Baccas, Paul, et al (2008). OS X Exploits and Defense. Syngress. ISBN 978-1-59749-254-6.  Chapter 3: “Malicious Macs: Malware and the Mac.” Chapter 4: “Malware Detection and the Mac.” Unfortunately (content-wise) there wasn’t much OS X malware to write about at the time. And the security product scene has changed drastically. Oh well. I won’t be getting royalties from that one anyway. Commiserations to Paul, who took over the editing from me. Which probably worked well for Syngress since I don’t think they paid anybody for the editing…
  • Harley, David, et al (2007). AVIEN Malware Defense Guide for the Enterprise. Syngress. ISBN 978-1-59749-164-8.  (Editor, technical editor, several chapters.) Another contributor was Andrew Lee, now CEO of ESET N. America (who also relieved me of a lot of editing/proofing work).
  • Schiller, Craig A.,, Binkley, Jim et al (2007). Botnets: the Killer Web App. Syngress. ISBN 1-59749-135-7.  Co-wrote Chapter 5, “Botnet Detection: Tools and Techniques” with Jim Binkley.
  • Bidgoli, Hossein, et al (2006). Handbook of Information Security. Wiley. ISBN 0-471-64833-7.  Volume 3, “E-Mail Threats and Vulnerabilities.”
  • Paulus, S., Pohlmann N., Reimer, H. et al (2004). ISSE 2004: Securing Electronic Business Processes. Vieweg. ISBN 978-3-528-05910-1.  Massmailers: New Threats Need Novel Anti-Virus Measures. Actually a conference paper that I was unable to get to the conference so it wasn’t actually presented, but they included it in the conference proceedings anyway. The chapter is very much of its time, but I recently noticed that it’s available to buy for an eyewatering $29.95 (for a mere ten pages), while the book is available a slightly less alarming $69.99. I had no idea my deathless prose was so valuable.
  • Bosworth, Seymour, Kabay M.E. et al (2002). 4th Edition of Computer Security Handbook. John Wiley. ISBN 0-471-41258-9.  Co-wrote Chapter 49, “Medical Records Security” with Paul Brusil, though I’m not credited on the web site. Gee, thanks, guys. I’m credited in the print edition, though, so I didn’t imagine it. When I checked, I noticed that Stephen Cobb, my colleague at ESET North America, was also a contributor. It’s a small world…
  • Anonymous, et al (2002). Maximum Security Fourth Edition. SAMS. ISBN 0-672-32459-8.  Revised Chapter 17 “Viruses and Worms”, Chapter 18 “Trojans.” Please note that a great many people who weren’t anonymous hackers contributed chapters to this and the previous edition. 🙂
  • Anonymous, et al (2001). Maximum Security Third Edition. SAMS. ISBN 0-672-31871-7.  Chapter 17 “Viruses and Worms”, Chapter 18 “Trojans.”
  • Harley, David, Robert Slade and Urs E. Gattiker (2001). Viruses Revealed. McGraw-Hill Companies. ISBN 0-07-213090-3.  Co-Author. Despite some of the reviews of and links to this book that I’ve seen, C. David Harley is a completely different person and did not contribute to this book…
  • SANS Institute, 1998. Windows NT Security Step by Step. I contributed a very short section on implementing anti-virus software, as far as I remember. Included purely for completeness.
  • I also found an eBook Living With Viruses: An article from: Security Management which is actually an article I wrote for ASIS recycled as an eBook. Very, very outdated. I can no longer find it on the web, but if you do come across it, I wouldn’t recommend that you buy it.

David Harley 
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