Articles for Elsevier

AMTSO: the Test of Time?
By David Harley, January 2012
An article for Network Security – now available purchase from Elsevier – that looks at the present state of the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization. Can AMTSO really continue to build on its achievements so far? A no-fee pre-edit version of the article without graphics, publisher edits or formatting, is also available on this website here.

Making sense of anti-malware comparative testing
By David Harley, March 2009.
A pre-print version of an article in “Information Security Technical Report” is available on David’s personal web site, with the permission of the publisher. Addresses the problems around anti-malware testing and evaluation, and describes the industry’s initiatives for mitigation. The for-fee fully-formatted version is available here.

The Myth of Fingerprints By David Harley, March 2009. Published in Infosecurity magazine, Volume 6, Issue 2. Why the traditional naming conventions for malware no longer make sense. Available for purchase from Elsevier.

David Harley 


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