About the Geek Peninsula

This site is part of the Small Blue-Green World “empire”: it attempts to bring together into one place links to some (hopefully most) of the writing and other activities that take up most of my working time for SBGW, ESET etc. However, this is an independent, vendor-neutral site that is not sponsored or influenced by any organization or individual apart from the author.

While I’ve given up linking to all blogs, articles, media mentions etc. in (more or less) realtime, it is slowly coming together as a place to find all my past papers and articles. If you really want to. ūüôā It may also serve as a home for the occasional fragment of security commentary that doesn’t quite belong anywhere else.

By anywhere else I mean sites to which I blog currently (in no particular order):

  • The ESET blog and resources site at We Live Security¬†(to which the old ESET blog site now redirects): my own recent blogs on that site¬†are listed here.
  • Geek Peninsula II is closer to the original intent of this site. It flags stuff I find interesting but with a minimum of commentary from me. Like a tweet, but I don’t have to watch the character count. Be warned: not everything I find interesting is security-related.
  • The (ISC)2 blog: archive of my own articles here.
  • The Infosecurity Magazine blog: my articles are archived here. Not sure if I’ll continue to blog there, as the time lag between submission and publication is irritating.
  • The Mac Virus blog. My main outlet for commentary related to Mac/Apple security, OS X/iOS security, other mobile platforms and malware. Nearly all the articles there are mine, apart from a few by the pseudonymous Old Mac Bloggit.
  • The Anti-Malware Testing blog. Launched originally as a home for¬†blog articles orphaned when AMTSO (the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization) decided that it was bad for its image to have independent commentary posted under the AMTSO banner and asked for the AMTSO blog to be removed. And now a home for my subsequent ruminations on security product testing issues. Again, everything is mine apart from the occasional interpolation by Old Mac.
  • Check Chain Mail and Hoaxes. Originally focused on chainletters and hoaxes, but also to address various types of scam, spam, fraud and general misinformation. Basically all mine, with occasional input from Old Mac and the legendary Letitia Teaspoon.
  • The AVIEN blog. AVIEN was a significant force in security at one time¬†but at this point consists of a low-traffic mailing list, a near-dormant web site, and a blog, to which Andrew Lee and I were the main contributors, with occasional articles by Ken Bechtel. I occasionally use the blog page now, mostly¬†as resources for information relating to PC support scams and ransomware, but I don’t know how many people still read it. There’s also an AVIEN portal blog from the days when I was trying to breathe life into the organization, which is currently dormant, but I suppose that might change.
  • Securiteam¬†is a blog with a wide range of bloggers, often taking advantage of the site to represent themselves to present their own thoughts, rather than representing the companies they work for. We all need to do that from time to time… I haven’t blogged there for quite a while, though.

I also have some blogs that aren’t primarily (or at all) concerned with security.

  • Dataholics: the IT addiction¬†is IT-oriented, but not strictly, and often strays far from security issues. More about humour, cheesy cartoons, and raw sarcasm.
  • Parodies Regained¬†probably speaks for itself. Some of the content is security-related, but anything (or nothing)¬†could turn up there, depending on my mood…
  • David Harley Words & Music, David Harley’s Songs, and David Harley’s Verse¬†are entirely self-explanatory.
  • Shropshire Blues¬†is about the part of the world I used to live in. I’m now living in the West Country,¬†so as I drift deeper into semi-retirement and music supplants security, Wheal Alice¬†Music is becoming the focus for more musical activity. Some of the stuff that already exists elsewhere is gradually drifting into Cornwall, virtually speaking.
  • Small Blue-Green World¬†kind of ties everything together, Small Blue-Green World being my own¬†(very tiny) company.

There are some other Small Blue-Green blogs to which I don’t normally contribute. But this might change as I get nearer to total retirement. ūüôā

And some flower photo blogs I don’t have access to at the moment. ūüôā

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World

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