ESET Threat Center & WeLiveSecurity

Here’s a quick pointer to the resources that include some of my writing formerly to be found on the ESET North America Threat Center page. Nowadays, WeLiveSecurity, which is primarily the ESET blog (for which I  stopped writing at the end of 2018 when I retired), is the go-to resource for ESET technical writing and brand-independent expert opinion.

  • Articles and papers can still be found on  the WeLiveSecurity site, where they’re conveniently split into conference papers and white papers). My own contributions to those pages are listed here (conference papers) and here (white papers).
  • The page of ESET articles  – actually articles either by or about ESET researchers, published by other magazines and web sites, so many of these links are to other sites – has disappeared. However, my own articles are listed here on Geek Peninsula as follows:
    • Articles for Virus Bulletin are listed here
    • My articles for Computer Weekly are here
    • My articles for Security Week are here
    • My articles with Aleksandr Matrosov and Eugene Rodionov for InfoSec Institute are here
    • My articles for Elsevier are here.

Web sites change all the time, of course, so I can’t guarantee that all the links on those pages still work. And unfortunately I can’t put articles or papers up here to which I don’t own the copyright unless I have specific permission from the copyright holder.

  • My presentations for ESET seem to have been removed from the ESET North America page, or moved where I can’t see them. There’s a list of links to just my own presentations here: most of them are hosted elsewhere, but the ESET links are broken. Maybe I’ll revisit some of those presentations, to see if they’re still worth putting up somewhere, but it’s obviously not urgent.

David Harley


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