Computer Weekly and Computer World articles

[Updated 30th July, 2014: I was recently invited on behalf of (ISC)2 to contribute an article not to Computer Weekly, but to Computer World. That article is now available here: Privacy wars – personal data and the social contract. I’m not giving that article its own page, as it isn’t likely that I’ll contribute again in future, since I’m not planning to continue my subscription to (ISC)2.]

Computer Weekly runs a regular Security Think Tank (formerly Security Zone) feature where (ISC)2 members – including me, from time to time – contribute articles. To be honest, the restriction on length and the perceived audience tends to mean that the articles lean towards the lightweight, and at this point, when I’m trying to reduce my working hours, I’m not sure whether I’ll be contributing again. (Especially as my usual contact there recently moved on, so I may well have dropped off their list.) Still, it’s been an interesting challenge to provide articles that fall within my fairly specialized areas of interest and still meet the brief. Did I succeed? Well, here’s a list of my contributions to date. You decide, if you care to. :)

These articles are also linked from the ESET North America Threat Center page, but not from the new Infohub.

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World
ESET Senior Research Fellow


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