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28th January – 12th February

Articles: Virus Bulletin Living the Meme (available to subscribers only) Hakin9 David Harley, Aleksandr Matrosov, Eugene Rodionov:  When I’m x64: Bootkit Threat Evolution in 2011 Network Security: AMTSO: the Test of Time? This article appeared in January’s Network Security but is now available … Continue reading


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A looooooong gap…. (December – January)

Well, I was actually incommunicado over Xmas (yippee!) But the last summary I posted here was on 15th December, so a lot has happened. I’m therefore changing the format a bit for this post, so that it doesn’t take me … Continue reading

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13th December

Busy day, considering I wasn’t working for most of it… ESET: Safety online with a bang: dodging (more) cyberbullets 2012 Predictions: East of Java SC Magazine: Top of the potshots Paper: Ten Ways to Dodge CyberBullets: Reloaded Media: Kevin Townsend: … Continue reading

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29th November – 1st December

ESET: Support-Scammer Tricks Facebook Worm: ZeuS is not your (FB) Friend Computer Weekly: Socialisation, social engineering, and securing the enterprise SC Magazine: Product testing and accountability  Media mentions: UK government publishes four-year cybersecurity strategy plan The government’s Cyber Security Strategy: … Continue reading

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19th-23rd November

SC Magazine, 22nd November: Privacy, identity, and the Nym of the Rose ESET: Nov. 23rd: Facebook Invitation and the Olympic Torch IRISSCERT, ESET Ireland and the Luck of the Irish Nov. 22nd: Evolution of Win32Carberp: going deeper Chainmailcheck: Nov. 23rd: … Continue reading

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November 13th – November 19th 2011

Oh dear. Another long gap, though shorter than the last one… SC Magazine: Facebook: Is the Fawkes virus still smoldering? (Nov. 15th) Infosecurity Magazine: iPaddling in Corporate Waters; Goodbye Blackberry Way?* (Both Nov. 18th) (ISC)2: DNSSEC, SOPA, and PIPA (Nov. 16th) ESET (in … Continue reading

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As I was saying nearly a month ago…

Just as well that this isn’t the most frequently-read of my blog sites. Well, for the benefit of the handful of us to whom this is vaguely useful, here’s (some of) what’s been happening since 15th October: SC Magazine: Cold-calling … Continue reading

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14-15th October

ESET: Facebook, Privacy, and Defence in Depth SC Magazine: Social engineering and social media  Defense in depth Infosecurity Magazine: article not yet posted. Virus Bulletin: Slides from VB conference paper – David Harley and Larry Bridwell Due to the AMTSO … Continue reading

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10th – 12th October

ESET (October 11th): Google Eye Phish: Bait Me A Hook In The Morning  Government, Public Interest and Trojans ESET (October 10th): German Policeware: Use the Farce…er, Force…Luke (with Robert Lipovsky) AMTSO (October 10th): Two old codgers…  Mac Virus (October 12th): And after … Continue reading

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Recent writing (5th-9th October)

I haven’t written much new stuff while in Barcelona for the Virus Bulletin Conference – too busy presenting and listening to struggle with an erratic connection – but here’s what has just appeared. ESET: New white paper & presentations, and an SC Mag … Continue reading

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