Virus Bulletin Conference Papers

There are direct links to all the papers here, but for abstracts and other information see the individual blog articles (links in boldface). Copyright on all papers belongs to Virus Bulletin, but papers are made available here by permission. (Full copyright notice for each paper is included in the blog.)

Virus Bulletin 1997

My first ever conference paper. More info in the blog article, but here’s a direct link to paper – Macs and Macros – the State of the Macintosh Nation.

Virus Bulletin 2000

My second Virus Bulletin paper. More info in the blog article, but here’s a direct link to paper – The E-Mail of the Species: Worms, Chain-Letters, Spam and other Abuses.

Virus Bulletin 2003

More information in the blog article, but here’s a direct link to the paper – Fact, Fiction and Managed Anti-Malware Services: Vendors, Resellers and Customers Divided by a Common Language

Virus Bulletin 2005

Co-written with Judith Harley and Eddy Willems. Here’s a direct link to the paper: Teach Your Children Well: ICT Security and the Younger Generation

Virus Bulletin 2007

Co-written with Andrew Lee. Direct link to paper: Phish Phodder: is User Education Helping or Hindering?

Virus Bulletin 2008

Two papers presented that year…

(1) With Pierre-Marc Bureau: direct link to paper – A Dose By Any Other Name 
(2) With Andrew Lee: direct link to paper – Who Will Test The Testers?

Virus Bulletin 2009

Another two paper year.

(1) With Randy Abrams: direct link to paper – Whatever Happened to the Unlikely Lads? A Hoaxing Metamorphosis.

(2) With Jeff Debrosse. Direct link to paper – Malice Through the Looking Glass: Behaviour Analysis for the Next     Decade

Virus Bulletin 2010

Yet another year with two papers.

(1) With Andrew Lee. Direct link to paper: Call of the WildList: Last Orders for WildCore-Based Testing? 
(2) With Peter Košinár, Juraj Malcho, Richard Marko: direct link to paper – AV Testing Exposed

Virus Bulletin 2011

With Larry Bridwell: direct link to paper – Daze of Whine and Neuroses (but Testing is FINE)

Virus Bulletin 2012

With Martijn Grooten, Steve Burn and Craig Johnston. Direct link to paper: My PC has 32,539 Errors: how Telephone Support Scams really Work

Virus Bulletin 2013

With Lysa Myers: Mac Hacking: the way to better testing? (for the Virus Bulletin conference in October 2013.) An earlier blog article includes abstract and link to an interview with Lysa and myself.

Virus Bulletin 2014

A paper with ESET’s Eugene Rodionov and Intel researcher Aleksandr Matrosov (also formerly of ESET) on Bootkits: past, present & future. The paper was presented by Eugene and Alex as I wasn’t able to get to the conference, and the paper itself is available here. (Or, failing that, on this site.)

Virus Bulletin 2017

Probably my last major conference presentation, and my 16th VB paper. ‘The (testing) world upside down‘. To be presented as the first part of a Virus Bulletin Small Talk, followed by a more general testing discussion led by AMTSO’s COO John Hawes. The paper itself is here. And now also on the Virus Bulletin site: VB2017 paper: The (testing) world turned upside down

David Harley 
Small Blue-Green World
ESET Senior Research Fellow


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