Small Blue-Green World Security Blogs

I’ll just put pointers to the blogs here, since all the articles there are mine apart from the occasional offering from the pseudonymous Old Mac Bloggit and the utterly improbable Letitia Teaspoon. Besides, a complete list would be pretty lengthy.

  • Anti-Malware Testing
  • Check Chain Mail and Hoaxes (also covers various kinds of cybercrime and fraud)
  • Dataholics: the IT addiction (which is more about wit, sarcasm, and cheesy cartoons than it is about security, but security issues do find their way onto that blog fairly frequently).
  • Mac Virus is the current incarnation of a site originally run by Susan Lesch. It now consists of blog articles focused on Mac malware and security, iOS and iGadget security issues, and non-Apple mobile security.
  • Parodies Regained is really about parody (surprisingly) and pastiche, but some security content does find its way in there.
  • Small Blue-Green World isn’t entirely security-focused: it’s more the one blog to rule them all, SBGW being me wearing my corporate/consultancy hat.

Small Blue-Green World
ESET Senior Research Fellow


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