Oh, the curious workings of the Internet (and Big Business). Long ago, I wrote a series of articles for SecurityFocus. And the security business is as prone as any other to the Siamese Fighting Fish syndrome, whereby little fish get swallowed by bigger fish. In 2002, SecurityFocus was acquired by Symantec, so while I’ve never worked for Symantec, it turns out that those articles are now (still) available via Symantec’s site [now forwarding to Broadcom], which seems ironic given that much of my current income comes from one of Symantec’s competitors. But that’s OK because we’re all friends in the security industry. Mostly.

I don’t know offhand exactly when those articles were written: they’re dated 2003 but I suspect that they were a little earlier because of some of the content (which is, inevitably, more than a little dated anyway). Anyway, included here for completeness and completists.

There was supposed to be a third part, but I don’t think I ever submitted it, though I can’t remember why.

David Harley