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While I stopped working with ESET at the end of 2018, I didn’t entirely abandon the security industry: I’ve responded to the occasional request for an interview, including this one on Who owns social media? and I did quite a lot of work on the English translation of this Book by Eddy Willems (I might still be tempted by other authoring/reviewing/editing projects). And I’m still playing with the idea of a book on anti-malware product testing.

Meanwhile, here’s an article I wrote recently for the AV-Comparatives blog. Spotlight on security: The Curse of the False Positive. Well, product testing was part of my job description long before I joined the antivirus industry (as we still often called it at that time), so it’s not quite a case of crossing over to the Dark Side. As a matter of fact, I’ve always had a good relationship with the guys at AV-Comparatives. And I have one or two other articles in process.

David Harley


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