IT Security UK [probably no longer obtainable]

As of March 2022, the site seems to have disappeared from the net altogether – at any rate, all the links below generate a 404 error, so this page is probably redundant, and retained purely for historical purposes.

To quote the About page: is a small independent organization with no allegience to any vendor, publisher, doctrine or dogma. Its purpose is to present and dicuss information security in a new and challenging manner. Every post on this site is the opinion and view of its individual author. takes no view itself – it is a conduit for multiple viewpoints.

Kevin Townsend is by no means uncritically accepting of the views or propaganda of the security industry, so I was very pleased that he considered me impartial and readworthy enough to blog for his site occasionally. As always, I can’t guarantee to keep this page updated very regularly, but all my blogs for that site can be found here.

Here are the articles I contributed so far (as far as I remember), most recent first:

David Harley


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