A looooooong gap…. (December – January)

Well, I was actually incommunicado over Xmas (yippee!) But the last summary I posted here was on 15th December, so a lot has happened. I’m therefore changing the format a bit for this post, so that it doesn’t take me all week to write it.

Blogs for ESET (last half of December 2011):

Blogs for ESET (January 2012 up to 28th)

SC Magazine (15th December – 27th January)

Infosecurity Magazine (15th December – 27th January)


Mac Virus:


Papers and articles (I don’t seem to have been listing these, but there are a lot due out in the next few weeks, so maybe I should):

ESET papers:

AMTSO: The Test of Time? in Network Security (Elsevier): subscribers only.

Forthcoming articles:

  • Living the Meme: for Virus Bulletin
  • When I’m x64: Bootkit Threat Evolution in 2011 (with Aleksandr Matrosov and Eugene Rodionov) Hakin9

 Media coverage: way too much to point to individual articles. Shout-outs to Kevin Townsend, Dan Raywood, Fred Donovan, Esther Shein, Ellyne Phneah, Fahmida Y. Rashid, and apologies to those I’ve forgotten.


About David Harley

Computer Security Author/Editor; Independent Antimalware Researcher; CEO at Small Blue-Green World; Senior Research Fellow at ESET.
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