28th January – 12th February


Virus Bulletin Living the Meme (available to subscribers only)

Hakin9 David Harley, Aleksandr Matrosov, Eugene Rodionov:  When I’m x64: Bootkit Threat Evolution in 2011

Network SecurityAMTSO: the Test of Time? This article appeared in January’s Network Security but is now available from Elsevier as published (including formatting, proofing and graphics) here, or there is a no-fee pre-edit copy available (by permission of the publisher) from the AMTSO blog here.

ESET blogs:


February 7th: Network Security Article on AMTSO


SC Magazine:

(ISC)2 Blog

February 6th:  Android, Malware and Rehabilitation

Mac Virus:

February 7th: Wormcast

Internet Evolution:

1st February: ‘Androidophobia’ Hits the Web Again

Media mentions:

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