November 13th – November 19th 2011

Oh dear. Another long gap, though shorter than the last one

SC Magazine: Facebook: Is the Fawkes virus still smoldering? (Nov. 15th)

Infosecurity Magazine: iPaddling in Corporate Waters; Goodbye Blackberry Way?* (Both Nov. 18th)

(ISC)2: DNSSEC, SOPA, and PIPA (Nov. 16th)

ESET (in order of appearance on the blog page, not by strict date order):


Mac Virus:

Check Chainmail & Hoaxes:

While I’ve fielded the usual avalanche of press queries this week, I haven’t noticed any of my responses being used, and actively checking isn’t a priority. However, there were two panel sessions I took part in earlier in the month for Infosecurity Magazine that are now available for replay. Note that while I was representing ESET in the keynote session, I was representing Small Blue-Green World and Mac Virus in the iPad session.

Keynote Session – APT: Real Threat or Just Hype? Everyone’s talking about advanced persistent threats. According to security researchers, APT-driven zero-day attacks may have been behind the widely-publicized data breach at RSA in March of this year. This session will define what makes an APT, and advises what techniques you can use to defend your organization from these new menacing attacks.

Steve Gold, Technology Editor, Infosecurity magazine
John Walker, ISACA Advisory Board, CEO, Secure-Bastion David Harley, Security Research Fellow, ESET
Matt McKinley, Director of US Product Management, Stonesoft

 The Tablet Craze: How will the iPad affect your organization’s security?: The plethora of tablet computers on the market pose some interesting challenges for enterprises. What effect will the iPad and other tablets have on IT managers?

Eleanor Dallaway, Editor, Infosecurity magazine 
Stuart King, Head of Global Security Assurance, Reed Elsevier
David Harley, independent researcher and author for Small Blue-Green World
Paula Skokowski, VP of Products and Marketing, Accellion

Small Blue-Green World/AVIEN/Mac Virus
ESET Senior Research Fellow

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Musician/singer/songwriter; independent author/editor
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