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Virus Bulletin article, June 2010

An article from Virus Bulletin, June 2010, that  looks at the controversy around anti-malware products and product testing at the 2010 iAWACS/ESIEA/EICAR events. David Harley, Pwn2kill, EICAR, and AV: Scientific and Pragmatic Research, June 2010, Virus Bulletin. Copyright is held by … Continue reading

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CFET Paper (2)

This was my second CFET paper. Antivirus Testing and AMTSO: Has Anything Changed? A summary of how the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization has developed in the past few years and the way in which the AV and testing industries have … Continue reading

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Virus Bulletin Conference Papers (13-14) (update)

[Now with additional content re the 2013 paper] David Harley, Martijn Grooten, Steve Burn and Craig Johnston: My PC has 32,539 Errors: how Telephone Support Scams really Work; Virus Bulletin Conference Proceedings, 2012. Copyright is held by Virus Bulletin Ltd, but is … Continue reading

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