Virus Bulletin article, July 2006

When I left the NHS in 2006, one of the first jobs I took on as a freelancer was writing for Ferris Research. This was an article that I was going to submit to them, but it obstinately refused to be bound by the restrictions on wordage and content that the company insisted on, so I offered it to Virus Bulletin. (To be honest, writing within Ferris’s editorial constraints proved to be the one writing job I’ve ever turned out to be totally unsuited for, but we parted on good terms.)

David Harley, Hamfighting, July 2006, Virus Bulletin. Copyright is held by Virus Bulletin Ltd, but is made available on this site for personal use free of charge by permission of Virus Bulletin.

It addresses the problem of legitimate mail (‘ham’) misdiagnosed as spam, with particular reference to aggressive filtering by Verizon. Here’s a brief extract from the introduction to the paper:

Complaints in various forums of poor email delivery service from the ISP seemed to be confirmed by claims from Verizon ‘insiders’ that a policy of rejecting mail by IP block resulted in the loss of all mail from large portions of Europe and Asia. This led to a much publicized class action, resulting in a settlement offer from Verizon to compensate customers who lost legitimate mail between October 2004 and May 2005.

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World
ESET Senior Research Fellow

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