Articles update…

… well, obviously they’re not here. If you’re really interested in tracking my output, your best bet is via Newsle. As I’m now in a state of semi-hibernation – sorry, semi-retirement – media stuff isn’t top of my priority list, but at the moment I update there every few days. Meanwhile, here’s a list of the places I’m (fairly) regularly writing right now:

  • ESET blogs are now appearing on We Live Security,  though personally I’m going for a bit more life and a little less security. Some ESET conference papers and white papers are now up there too, though at present there’s still a lot more collateral at the ESET Threat Center. (Presentations, articles for third parties and so on.) Presumably this will change as the new site beds in.
  • I blog intermittently for Infosecurity Magazine, primarily but not exclusively on Apple-related issues. I tend not to blog anything urgent there, as it sometimes takes a day or two for articles to go up.
  • I also blog (more regularly) re OS X/Apple (and occasional other smartphone/tablet platforms) at Mac Virus, the malware-related site I inherited from Susan Lesch. (And the most regularly viewed of my own blogs.) With occasional contributions from the pseudonymous Mac Bloggit.
  • I’m one of the bloggers for the Anti-Phishing Working Group’s eCrime blog, though those blogs change very slowly. (Two articles since October.)
  • I also blog for the (ISC)2 blog from time to time. (ISC)2 provides security credentials such as CISSP and SSCP to suitably qualified professionals.
  • I rarely contribute to the AVIEN blog now except to maintain it (sporadically) as a resource for information on support scams. There isn’t much happening with AVIEN any more apart from a low-traffic mailing list. The organization was a great idea, though, and accomplished a lot in its time.
  • Another of my intermittent platforms is Securiteam.
  • Anti-Malware Testing is meant to plug the independent commentary gap left when AMTSO killed off the AMTSO blog. In fact, it archives some of the blogs I originally contributed to the AMTSO blog, though I’m more interested in current testing issues than the historical stuff.
  • It appears I’ve only blogged at Internet Evolution once, but I suppose I might run the gauntlet of their editorial process again at some point. 🙂
  • I no longer blog for SecurityWeek, but there are some articles archived there.
  • The same applies to SC Magazine: however, some articles originally contributed to the defunct Cybercrime Corner still seem to be lurking on the US site somewhere (but take some finding). As ESET has the right to re-use that material, I should take a look at some point and see what might still be of interest.
  • Check Chain Mail was originally focused on hoaxes, semi-hoaxes and chain letters, but it’s expanded to include some material on spam, scams and so on.
  • The Small Blue-Green blog is a portal of sorts to my other blogs, though in practice it mostly acts as a repository for various papers (or links to papers).
  • Dataholics provides a home for various (usually but not always IT security-related) cartoons, memes, and sheer unabashed sarcasm.
  • Parodies Regained is a home for the parodies: they’re often – but not necessarily – IT-related.
  • Words and Music is self-explanatory, though the verse is in the process of being moved to a new home.



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Musician/singer/songwriter; independent author/editor
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