It seemed a good idea at the time…

…but I’m afraid I’ve given up tracking all my blogs, articles and media mentions for a while. Obviously, given how long it is since I put an update up here. Here are a couple of recent links, but I don’t have time to catch up with everything that’s happened since then, going back just a week or two.


SC Magazine:

Mac Virus has been very busy, as there’s a lot going on the Mac security world: a lot of people have been hitting the blog page, and I’ve felt obliged to try to keep it up to date with some of the most interesting and in some cases urgent news. I won’t list everything here.

Infosecurity Magazine:

Chainmailcheck: Olympic Paranoia

AMTSO: AV Is Dead. Again. Apparently.


There’ll be two more papers available on the ESET site after the EICAR conference next week, though maybe not straight after.

I’m not going to list press mentions this time. Just too many…

I don’t know when the next update will be: I’m thinking that I might start using this page quite differently, and that might kick in sooner than the next time I have the urge to update.


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