4th-10th September 2011

[This update 14th September]

SC Magazine 7th September:
Shadow boxing (re Shadowserver’s AV test suite)
Backup strategy: not just for system administrators

AMTSO: 7th September
Jumping at Shadows*
Shadowserver, Kevin Townsend, and AMTSO (only available to account holders)

Mac Virus: 7th September Infosecurity Article; 9th September No Fan Wars, Thank You

Quoted in (7th September): http://kevtownsend.wordpress.com/2011/09/07/shadowservers-new-anti-virus-test-suite-%e2%80%93-how-good-is-it/

ESET: 8th September
9/11: More Scams Upcoming

ESET: 9th September
RIP Anti-Virus (Again)

AVIEN: 9th September
And I thought I was quite softly spoken… 

Mac Virus: 9th September
No Fan Wars, Thank You

SC Magazine: 9th September

A taxing business

Quoted in (9th September):

SC Magazine (Dan Raywood): http://www.scmagazineuk.com/palo-alto-networks-cto-anti-virus-technology-cant-stop-targeted-attacks/article/211543/ 
IT Pro (Tom Brewster): Has ComodoHacker signalled the end of the CA system? 

 And in which our hero discovers he is number 22 in Sys-Con Media’s list of 100 “Most powerful voices in security” (guess all that singing the blues finally paid off).

About David Harley

Independent antimalware/security researcher/author/editor; musician/singer/songwriter
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